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Petrolatum tape is a synthetic, non-stitched, fabric-based tape that is impregnated with a petrolatum-based compound to prevent corrosion on pipe, cables, valves and fittings.

In the video above Jarrod explains the 4 step process of installing petrolatum tape.

Step 1. After cleaning the surface with a wire brush, use the petrolatum primer to fill surface imperfections to ensures intimate contact between mastic tapes.

Ideal for rush prevention on exposed or bare metals the primer protects pipelines from corrosion both above and below ground by sealing and waterproofing metal surfaces.

Step 2.  Mastic is used when there are voids in the pipework that need to be filled, filling voids will prevent rust from forming. Petrolatum Mastic is also used to contour the pipework to ensure the tape is able to be applied smoothly and evenly.

Mastic is used to profile irregular shapes such as flanges, bolts, pipe joints and valves.

Step 3. Applying the petrolatum tape. The tape itself is wrapped around the pipe at a 50% overlap to ensure a double layer is applied evenly across the length of the pipe. Applying the tape evenly is the most important step in the process.

Step 4. The petrolatum outer wrap provides watertight protection to the inner layer of tape as well as mechanical protection of electrical resistance.

Similar to the previous step, the outer wrap should be applied spirally with a 50% overlap.

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