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Affordable outdoor advertising with LED sign trailers

LED sign trailers, also known as Variable Message Signs or VMS, are a great marketing and promotional tool. Not just for traffic control, they are ideal for promoting sales, events, festivals, functions and sports events.

Whether you choose a 5 colour VMS trailer or a simple yet effective 1 colour amber LED sign trailer, all VMS signs enable you to offer a high impact, eye-catching advertising message to your local customer base, and at an affordable price.

Change messages and colours instantly

The multicoloured LEDs enable you to create stunning messages in red, green, blue, yellow and white, as well as simple graphics and animations to really help you get your marketing messages across. Plus, there are options for high definition full colour VMS trailers that can play videos and complex animations.

With all LED signs, you can easily set up an effective advertising catchphrase within a few minutes and can change it whenever you like. Many models have SMS programming so you can change messages right from your mobile phone. Plus, with GPS tracking on Google Maps, you’ll always know where your sign is, and that it’s safe and secure even if you are off site.

Set and forget

Jaybro’s VMS sign trailers are solar-powered, meaning they are designed to operate 24/7 without an external power source. This gives you the freedom to position the LED sign trailer wherever you like, provided you double-check with your local council (some councils have regulations regarding positioning close to footpaths for example).

24/7 marketing

The LED displays are manufactured with ultra-bright, wide-angle LED with automatic brightness adjustment based on ambient light conditions. This means no matter what the weather conditions, or if it is day or night, the on-board computer will automatically adjust the brightness of the LED’s to ensure you get optimal impact from your displayed message.

Your message is programmed to constantly repeat day and night until you choose to change the settings – that means your marketing messages are being seen 24 hours a day by motorists and pedestrians.

Cost effective outdoor advertising

If you’re using your LED sign trailer for ongoing advertising or regular promos, it is worth noting that repetitive hire costs can quickly add up.

On the other hand, buying a LED sign trailer gives you the freedom of using your sign whenever you want without the hassles of hire like scheduling deliveries, processing invoices and being liable for additional fees for damage or theft.

Want to find out more before you buy a LED sign trailer?

Our team of VMS experts have years of experience in both the hire and sale industries and can provide honest and helpful advice to help you make a decision. To find out more about the best LED sign trailer for you, get in touch with our team today.

Rob Rossit  |  Category Sales Manager, Electronic Traffic

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