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Orange Reflective Traffic Cones by the Thousand at Auckland’s Flat Bush

Flat Bush School Road improvements, Auckland
Alliance Services, November 2018


Jaybro supplied Alliance with a large quantity of orange reflective traffic cones for a road work project in Auckland.

Traffic management experts Alliance worked with civil construction firm John Filmore on this roadwork project in Auckland.
John Filmore were contracted to perform excavation and road works which included kerb realignment and also construction of new speed tables. Speed tables raise the entire wheelbase of a vehicle to reduce its speed. Longer than speed humps and flat on top, they serve to calm and slow traffic and consequently improve the liveability of residential areas such as this neighborhood in Flat Bush.

The project was slated to run for approximately 3 months and Alliance was brought in to manage traffic flow surrounding the site and also safeguard workers on site.

Alliance created a traffic management plan that complied with New Zealand’s various transport authorities. This took into account the specific requirements of this site at Flat Bush, and ultimately ensured the safety of road users, the public and John Filmore’s construction team.


As part of the company’s commitment to safety, a highly visible traffic cone was required to delineate the new works and ensure drivers could easily see the new conditions from a distance. Conversely, cones were required to ensure workers operating within the construction zone were visually aware of the traffic hazards present.

The cones needed to be florescent orange with white or silver retro-reflective bands, in order to conform to AS/NZS 1906.1.
The traffic cones also needed to be sourced from a supplier who could manage a high volume order, as an extensive length of road needed to be marked out with cones.


Alliance utilised 1000 of our 900mm high orange reflective traffic cones on this project in Auckland’s Flat Bush.

There’s no mistaking the changed conditions with such a significant number of traffic cones lining the closed lanes. Alliance have used Jaybro’s NZTA Approved cones which features two bands of Class 1 reflective tape.

This high visibility orange traffic cone is manufactured from a single piece of PVC material making it strong and flexible. Each cone weighs 4.5kg, and the well balanced bottom-heavy weight allows it to withstand moderate weather and wind as well as gusts from passing vehicles. The square base prevents the cone rolling if it was to topple over.

Strong and flexible, these orange reflective traffic cones are perfect for any road, traffic, construction and civil applications, creating a highly visible barrier for motorists. This slim body traffic cone stands nearly a metre tall meaning it is ideal for situations where visibility is critical yet space is limited.

Alliance has taken advantage of Jaybro’s traffic cone printing offer and had their logo printed on their orange reflective traffic cones, deterring theft and adding a professional touch to their traffic management services. Jaybro can print on an area up to 100mm on one position on the cone. If you’d like to find out more about custom cone printing, please contact our friendly customer service team.

The Flat Bush project is set to be completed in December 2018.



  • System used: 900mm NZTA Approved Orange Reflective Traffic Cones
  • Time Period: November 2018
  • Quantity: 1000 Traffic Cones
  • Application: Demarcating changed traffic conditions


Height: 900mm high
Weight: 4.5kg
Material: PVC
Finish: Reflective Taping Class 1
NZTA Approved

Alliance Services Ltd

Flat Bush Roadworks, Auckland

Flat Bush, Auckland, New Zealand


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