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NZTA Approved Road Barriers:
DB80 Concrete Barrier System

The Delta Bloc DB80 K150S is tested and approved to MASH TL-3 and suitable for New Zealand roads.

The Deltabloc DB80 has recently been included in the New Zealand Transport Agency’s specification for approved crash barriers.

Compliant with the NZTA Code of Practice for Temporary Traffic Management (CoPTTM), the Deltabloc is a TL3 concrete barrier that is tested to both MASH and NCHRP 350.

The Delta Bloc DB80 K150S temporary concrete barrier uses a keyed wedge system to join adjacent barrier units and doesn’t require pinning or anchoring to the road surface.

As per the specification, the test level of the DB80 system must meet or exceed the test level required for the speed of the adjacent traffic, referred to in CoPTTM B12.1. This means that generally, the DB80 would be suitable for roads with a speed limit of 70km/hr.

However, always ensure you refer to the most up to date NZTA documentation as well as independent engineering advice before deciding if the DB80 is right for your project.

The Deltabloc DB80 concrete barriers are tested to meet the requirements of MASH test level TL-3 and meet NZTA requirements.

About the Deltabloc DB80

The DB80 is a concrete temporary barrier, comprising 2, 4 or 6-metre unit lengths with K150 tension bar coupling system and joint rotation limiting wedges (or butt inserts). It is end anchored but has no intermediate ground attachment.

The DB80 fully meets the criteria of Austroads in Australia, where it has long been accepted as one of the best concrete road barriers on the market.

Deltabloc DB80 barriers are easy and efficient to transport and install without compromising quality or safety. The classic jersey shape design keeps the barrier weighed down to allow fast truck mounted crane installation. Additionally, the distinctive coupling design allows for easy assembly and disassembly on site.

TL-3 MASH Tested Concrete Barriers

The Deltabloc DB80 units are demonstrated to meet the requirements of MASH test level TL-3. This means a 2270kg ute travelling at 100km/hr impacting the barrier at an angle of 25 degrees achieves a dynamic deflection of 1.44 metres.

Elastomer bearings between the single barriers ensure controlled damping of peak loads. This guarantees reliable breakthrough prevention for heavy vehicles and soft impact behaviour for small passenger cars. Deltabloc technology has been optimised in more than 130 full-scale crash tests, allowing Deltabloc DB80 barriers to deliver the best impact severity results available.

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