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Jaybro GeoSynthetics has now added GEOmasta product mastaTEX™ HS Woven to the expanding range.

mastaTEX™ HS Woven is an engineered woven geotextile that has extremely high tensile strength characteristics at low levels of strain. HS Woven geotextiles can be manufactured with strengths up to 1600 kN/m in one direction. The difference mastaTEX™ HS Wovens make is:

– Reinforcement Strength. Greater ultimate tensile strength properties per ASTM D4595 than any comparable reinforcement product.
– Creep Resistance. Polyester fibers provide excellent creep resistance which results in higher long term design strengths per GRIGT7 requirements.
– Soil Interaction. Exceptional soil confinement resulting in superior load distribution.
– Cost. HS Woven geotextiles provide cost effective strengths for reinforced soil structures.

mastaTEX™ HS Woven geotextile has been geo-image-2proven throughout Europe and the Americas, now being introduced to Australia as a high performance, low cost replacement over other comparable reinforcement products. mastaTEX™ HS Woven has the capability to carry significant loads from large embankment structures and deliver advanced solutions for engineered, load carrying platforms in very low strength foundation areas.

Because of their flexibility and versatility, mastaTEX™ HS Woven geotextiles are used in a variety of soil reinforcement applications, including embankments on soft foundations, retaining walls, and steepened slopes. Environmental applications include liner support, voids bridging, and reinforcement over soft, hazardous pond closures. For any application where long term design of earth reinforcement structures are involved, mastaTEX™ HS Woven geotextiles is the logical choice.

If there is a current requirement on your project please don’t hesitate to contact me for information on what we have available!

Kind Regards,

Braden Light
Business Development Manager
P. +61 2 9678 1405 | M. 0428 093 273


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