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mastaTEX & mastaGRID Geosynthetics for West Gate Tunnel

West Gate Tunnel, Melbourne
December 2019


The West Gate Tunnel begins in the Melbourne suburb of Spotswood and travels underneath Yarraville before surfacing in West Melbourne, and continuing into the city centre via the freeway.

The Spotswood entry point is located near the existing West Gate Bridge, close to a water main that has been earmarked for diversion. GEOmasta geotextiles and geogrid are currently being used to reinforce the soil during works on this water main project.


Workers are currently diverting a large water main pipe that runs under the West Gate Freeway. A new water main pipe will be built under the freeway, and as part of this project, a work site is being established at the end of Strong Street.

Workers will be excavating a section of the road within the construction site, and then building the new water main under the freeway from the excavated area. This will eventually connect to the existing City West Water pipes.  At the conclusion of the project, the road will be reinstated.

In order to ensure the strength and stability of the worksite, a ground reinforcing layer was required, and the project managers chose a combination of GEOmasta geofabric and geogrid for this purpose.


mastaGRID Geogrid
mastaTEX NonWoven Geofabric

West Gate Tunnel Project

Spotswood VIC, Australia


Jaybro’s GEOmasta team supplied mastaTEX GF34 NonWoven geofabric and mastaGRID geogrid to the West Gate Tunnel Project.

This is being used as a reinforcement and stabilisation layer to ensure the strength and solidity of the site, whilst work is being undertaken using heavy plant and equipment.

mastaTEX Non Woven is a geotextile commonly used in roadwork, drainage and filtration projects. Made from highly durable virgin polyester fibres, it is resistant to naturally occurring soil acids and alkalis. The textile is formed through needle punching in order to produce a product that provides effective long term soil separation.

mastaGRID Poly is an engineered polypropylene geogrid designed for soil stabilisation, separation and reinforcement applications. This is done through the process of extruding polypropylene sheets then both stretching in both directions, forming a product that works well with granular, angular fills.

Jaybro continues to supply to the West Gate Tunnel project across a range of categories, including Portabooms for traffic management and Deltabloc concrete crash barriers, plus a wide range of everyday consumables.

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