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Jute Mesh for Sunshine Coast’s New Uni Precinct

Petrie Mill Stage 1A
Direct Landscape Services, July 2019


The redevelopment of the former Petrie paper mill site in Queensland’s Moreton Bay region includes wide-ranging construction and development. The centrepiece of this project is the new University of the Sunshine Coast campus, in addition to a range of commercial and residential developments and community infrastructure and transport links.

Totalling an area of approximately 460 hectares, part of The Petrie Mill precinct is currently being landscaped by Direct Landscape Services. The precinct incorporates significant green spaces around the University grounds, including ovals and picnic areas, as well as a bioretention basin and ecological conservation zones. Koala habitat protection is a key part of the project, with new habitat and wildlife corridors strategically planned throughout the area.

Local experts Direct Landscape Services were engaged to construct the green spaces for Stage 1A of this project, including the large bioretention basin which borders tributaries of the North Pine River.


Fabric weight: 485gsm
Material: Natural Jute
Width: 1.2m
Length: 68m or 550m long rolls

Direct Landscape Services

Petrie Mill Stage 1A

Moreton Bay QLD, Australia


Direct Landscape Services were engaged to restore and protect the river and creek catchments, ensuring they remain ecologically healthy. Large areas are being planted out with native grasses in the bioretention basins. The team required a protection and erosion control product that could ensure the seedlings were able to establish themselves, whilst mitigating erosion from rainfall and reducing any tidal effects from the North Pine River and its neighbouring creeks.


GEOmasta supplied 1500 square metres of EROmasta Jute Mesh, which is being used as an effective erosion control measure. The 485gsm loose-knit netting is made from a derivative of hessian and is specifically designed to act as an erosion control mat.

Jute mesh creates an environment which promotes rapid natural plant growth. It is ideal for installation on a levelled soil subgrade and is easy to roll out and install, simply laying it over the terrain without applying tension, and overlapping each row of the mesh by around 100mm. Jute mesh is ideal for applications such as grass establishment, coastal areas, wetlands and natural revegetation.

When used with 60mm or more of topsoil, the mesh provides an excellent environment for new plant establishment. Jute mesh performs best when it is allowed to follow the natural contours of the terrain. This ensures it has suitable connection with the soil subgrade and further encourages vegetation growth.

Stage one of the University’s new campus is expected to open in early 2020, with further development and transport links being constructed until 2036.


  • System used: EROmasta Jute Mesh
  • Time Period: Installed July 2019
  • Customer: Direct Landscape Services
  • Install Length: 1500sqm


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