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Jaybro announces exclusive distribution of Optraffic range

Jaybro is pleased to announce the launch of its newest specialty product line after being appointed the exclusive distributor of Optraffic products on the east coast of Australia.

Optraffic Australia is recognised as an emerging leader in this space, with its original agency established in 2015. The small but dedicated team at Optraffic Australia quickly rose above their competition, establishing themselves as experts with in-depth knowledge of the industry. Now, a new chapter begins as the original team pass the baton to Jaybro.

Jaybro’s extensive customer base and entrenched supply networks within the civil construction industry will only serve to grow the Optraffic brand, opening up new markets and regions. This partnership between Jaybro and OPT will be supported by a commitment to hold a much greater depth of ready to use fleet in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, as well as a wide range of spare parts.

Whilst the West Australian distribution continues to be owned and managed by a separate party, the eastern states can now purchase the well-known Optraffic range of high-quality VMS trailers, portable traffic lights and more through Jaybro – much of which will be held in stock ready to ship.

The extensive range of traffic safety equipment on offer includes full-colour VMS sign boards, arrow boards, electronic speed advisory systems and more. Additionally, it includes enhanced access to the innovative Portaboom products that Jaybro has been supplying since the beginning of 2019.

Jaybro’s Category Sales Manager for Electronic Traffic, Rob Rossitt, has been tasked with establishing and expanding the business under the Jaybro umbrella. Key to its success will be fast turnaround, efficient spare parts supply, and expansion into servicing in key geographical areas.

“Now that Jaybro is backing the Optraffic brand, we can really build some momentum particularly with lead times, and with after-sales support throughout the country,” says Rob.

“Stocking a ready-to-use fleet of key items like VMS trailers means that the common 6 to 8 week competitor lead times are blown out of the water. We can get trailers on-site within a matter of days.”

Coupled with a full suite of spare parts and support through new and established service partners, the range will be readily available to Jaybro customers from October 2019. In particular, the new roll out includes plans to establish after-sales servicing in capital cities. This means that customers who purchase in Sydney but want to use their trailer in Brisbane have local after-sales support on hand, without the hassle of shipping trailers and other bulky equipment around the country for service.

“We’ve got a number of other initiatives in the pipeline that make it an exciting time to be involved with the Optraffic range,” adds Rob.

For more information on the products available, take a look at the electronic traffic range on our website which is being expanded over the coming weeks.

As part of Jaybro’s commitment to its customers, we will also honour all current equipment warranties. Customers are invited to call Jaybro, or contact Rob directly on 0436 649 265 or rob.rossit@jaybro.com.au for any queries on how the transition will be managed.

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