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Encouraging Diversity Throughout the Supply Chain

Jaybro’s diversity focus extends across all sectors of our business.

Supply Nation membershipCELEBRATING DIVERSITY

In the same way that we recognise the value of diversity in our people, we also strive to carry this diversity through our supply chain. By making procurement decisions that include Indigenous businesses, we can ensure that our supply chain is more flexible, innovative and sustainable.

Jaybro has recently become a member of Supply Nation, an organisation that connects the emerging Indigenous business sector with procurement teams who are seeking to expand and diversify their purchasing relationships.

Bringing together the biggest national database of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses, Supply Nation facilitates stronger procurement ties between emerging indigenous businesses and some of Australia’s largest corporations.


Supplier diversity is important to us because it promotes innovation through the availability of new products, services, and solutions. Jaybro is at its core an innovative business, determined to do things differently and embrace change head-on.

Jaybro’s Managing Director, Jeremy Joyce, says that Jaybro’s leadership team is committed to championing diversity, innovation and sustainability.

“Our involvement with Supply Nation is a commitment to doing business, beyond simple consumerism, in diverse markets. A natural interest in the economic and social growth of all communities is part of our DNA and we are proud to cement this with our recent membership.”


Designed to harness procurement spend and redirect it to traditionally under-represented businesses, Supply Nation assists indigenous businesses to connect with the country’s most forward-thinking companies, creating positive social change. Far from being just a feel-good social program, this diversity initiative offers concrete value to our indigenous business partners who benefit directly from our procurement needs.

This win-win situation also adds inherent value to our bottom line, benefiting Jaybro because it drives competition on both price and service levels between our existing vendors and new vendors discovered through Supply Nation. These new products, resources and experiences assist in the growth and development of our business, and this in turn enables us to pass new, better, and more affordable products to our customers.

Jeremy is optimistic about the knock-on effect this can bring:

“We hope our positive experiences with embracing procurement diversity have a ripple effect on our customers and suppliers, encouraging more businesses to get on board with initiatives such as Supply Nation.”

“This can only serve to make our industry stronger and more resilient, and build stronger communities across many different areas.”

For more information on how your business can get involved, visit supplynation.org.au.

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