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How much does temporary
fencing cost?

If you’re weighing up whether to hire temporary fencing there are a few key points to keep in mind. Whilst on the surface it might seem cheaper to rent temporary fencing, the length of your project and the amount of fencing you need may well blow out your budget if you’re hiring.

Hiring temporary fencing can be cheaper for quick jobs on a short time scale, or one-off owner-builder projects, but it is not as cost effective in the long run. Hidden in the cost of hiring temporary fencing there are additional costs including set up fees, damages, admin fees, and different charges if you have to extend your contract. You’re also likely to be charged for lost or stolen panels.

Here’s our summary of temporary fencing prices and how to ensure you’re getting the best value.

How much does it cost to hire temporary fencing?

Of course, prices vary considerably across Australia and between different companies, but here’s some food for thought:

Say you need to fence 100 metres of your perimeter for a 12-month project.

Temporary fencing hire prices on average sit around $1800 for 100 metres for a year. Sounds reasonable? Make sure you take into account hidden fees which can be $70 for each damaged or lost panel, $30 for each damaged fence foot, and anything from $40 for missing or damaged gate wheels.

Think about what’s happening day to day on site and how likely it is that these pieces will get damaged, stolen or lost, costing you money.

Plus, there could be fees for invoicing on a frequency that suits you, compulsory set up fees (when it’s so easy to do yourself), and penalties if you break contract by finishing the job early or conversely a whole different rate if your job runs over schedule and you need to extend your contract.

On the other hand, if you buy 100 meters of temporary fencing and use it on just a handful of projects, it will pay for itself very quickly.

When you rent a fence, you might find yourself with extra headaches.

There’s a lot of extra time and effort involved when hiring temporary fencing.

Finding hire companies, comparing quotes, trying to work out what is the best value, contacting them to organise delivery, coordinating delivery to happen at just the right time on site, paying setup fees, organising payments to fit in with the hire company’s schedule… the list goes on. Plus, hiring fencing means you’re getting panels that have been in high rotation, probably for a long time. This means there are extra headaches stemming from broken or overused components.

When you buy temporary fencing, the only thing you have to think about is storage.

Got a yard with a few square metres space? Then you’ve probably got space for your temporary fence. Storing panels in a rack or stillage keeps them neat and tidy, stacked and ready to go for the next job.

Should I buy used temporary fencing?

It’s unwise to buy temporary fencing panels from second-hand sites as these can often have weakened welds where the mesh joins the uprights, caused by minor impacts on site. Although the damage may not be immediately noticeable, the security of your fence can be compromised. And let’s face it – that’s the whole point of your fence! Providing security to your site, keeping vandals out and ensuring you’re compliant with local building laws.

A damaged, defective fence is almost useless.

Buy from a reputable temporary fencing shop

Jaybro is the temporary fencing shop that supplies some of Australia’s biggest infrastructure projects. Our popular 2000 Series temp fence panels are available to buy at a single fixed cost. You know what you’re getting straight up and can use the panels again and again.

Buying our new, high-quality panels is economical in the long run, and you’re assured that you’re getting a sound, reliable and fully supported product backed by excellent customer service.

So, how much does it cost to
buy temporary fencing?


Our friends at NTF have a great cost comparison for buying vs hiring temporary fencing. If you’ve got a hire quote and a purchase quote in front of you, this quick tool will enable you to visualise just how much you can save over time. Often, the longer the project, the more cost-effective it becomes to buy your panels and not muck around with hire.

Punch in your quoted costs and see what works best for you.

Benefits of buying a temporary fence


You can buy temporary fencing online in just a few clicks. No account set up, monthly invoices to deal with or ongoing budgeting. Pay one clear cut price and we’ll deliver your panels for you to use when and where you wish.


Your fence is yours to set up, move, dismantle and rearrange however you want. Being able to work to your own timeline allows flexibility in delivery, setting up and dismantling your temporary fencing.


When purchasing temporary fencing there is no chance of hidden fees or additional charges. Own your fence with a single one-off purchase.


Making a capital purchase is always an advantage for your business. Fence panels are an asset and purchasing them can provide a tax benefit.


After a few projects your fencing would have paid for itself, and you haven’t sunk unrecoverable money into hire.

Still not convinced that you should buy temporary fencing? If you’ve gone through the process and worked out that hiring temp fence is the best value for you, we recommend you contact our friends at Orange Hire who can help you out with hire.

Buy Fortress Fencing online at Jaybro

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