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5 ways to use Soppec inverted spray paint

Soppec paint is a high quality paint made in France that offers excellent coverage and strong, bright colour on a range of surfaces.

It’s perfect for builders, surveyors, concreters, drainage and landscape specialists as well as workers in the construction and mining industries.

These no-mess aerosol paints have an inverted cap for easy use. With its special patented cap, you can use Soppec inverted spray paint for a huge range of site marking purposes.

This quality paint gives precise marking on natural surfaces such as grass, dirt, gravel, wood and rock as well as hard stand surfaces like concrete, asphalt, bitumen, brick and metal.

Here’s five ways you can use Soppec inverted spray paint:

Mapping boundary lines

Soppec is the perfect marker spray paint for marking out the perimeter of your site. Specifically formulated for surveyors and other construction industry professionals, it leaves bold and easily visible marks on soft ground such as grass, dirt or sandy soil. Your boundary survey marks will remain bright and visible for up to 12 months. A back saving wand or handle is also available, making quick work of larger boundary marking jobs.

Mark trees and stumps

The Soppec paint formulation is water based meaning it’s great for blazing boundary trees, or marking warning marks on large trees around construction sites that could present a hazard to construction vehicles. The formulation contains over 25% water making it more enviro-friendly than other paints, yet the fluorescence is as bright as ever. You can use to mark any trees that need to be removed too. It sprays evenly leaving incredibly bright markings on rough surfaces like bark.

Highlight the location of underground utilities

Use Soppec’s range of standard colours to appropriately mark services like water, gas and telecommunications before excavation takes place. Take a look at our article on Australian colour codes for utilities to learn more about uniform colour codes for marking out, spot marking surveying in locations where utilities are present. Soppec’s high opacity, true colour pigment loading ensures that markings are incredibly bright and will not be overlooked by other contractors.

Use Soppec with stencils for temporary signposting

For marking out construction site parking areas, or even temporary event signage for festivals, Soppec is an ideal choice. The tight spray pattern is specifically designed for spot marking and writing applications, giving accurate and precise coverage either free hand or with a temporary stencil. It dries in around 10 minutes making it ideal for stencilling without smudges or blurred edges. Create extra-bold markings with a wide, thick spray, giving the best possible visibility and durability on all types of surfaces. Normal spray paints will not operate upside down, and the paint will run dry, but Soppec’s unique formula means ground stencilling is easy.

Cover up old or incorrect markings

With its dense colouring, Soppec inverted spray paint offers excellent coverage for mistakes. It easily covers existing markings on site on surfaces like bitumen or pavement, to ensure old symbols and marks don’t lead your workforce astray. The formulation of spot marker paint means it is effective and easy to use in an inverted position. With an excellent covering power, it can effectively hide other markings.


The name might not be as familiar as some other inverted spray paint manufacturers, but Soppec has been around since 1962. Beginning as a small family business in France, Soppec was originally focussed on manufacturing wood care products and varnishes before turning its attention to marking paint aerosols in the 90s.

Soppec products were an immediate hit within the construction, public works and forestry sectors in Europe, thanks to the development of high-performance paints and innovative patented safety caps.

The company now produces the equivalent of 25 million aerosols per year with a dozen staff in research and development to ensure the range continues to lead the way in high quality paints globally.

Soppec Construction is the division best known for its leading product, Fluo TP. Both Soppec Fluo TP and Soppec Promarker are available in Australia from Jaybro.

Offering big cans that equal outstanding value for money, inverted spray paints are perfect for a range of marking and identification purposes.

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