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mastaTEX™ HS Woven provides a strong foundation for new Brisbane runway

Brisbane New Parallel Runway, Phase 2 Airfield Works
Skyway JV, December 2018

Jaybro supplied 20,000 square metres of mastaTEX™ HS Woven to Skyway JV for the Phase 2 Airfield Works at Brisbane Airport.


Brisbane’s new runway is the largest aviation construction project in Australia. Work on the site began back in 2012 with the major stages of construction now underway. Once complete, Brisbane will have the best runway system in Australia, doubling its current capacity.

The $1.3 billion project aims to support the growing number of passengers into the future. The Brisbane Airport Corporation forecasts that the number of people travelling will grow significantly in the next few decades. The forecast indicates annual growth from 22 million in 2014 to around 50 million by 2035. Hence the new runway is central to the corporation’s long running infrastructure investment program.

The final stages of construction to build the runway, taxiways and airfield got underway in 2017. These stages began after significant ground transformation work.

This project consists of a series of stages, culminating in the opening of a 3 kilometre runway and over 12 kilometres of taxiways. Our customers CPB Contractors and BMD Constructions will deliver the Phase 2 Airfield Works. With this purpose in mind, these two corporations have formed have formed the Skyway Joint Venture.

Stage 2 includes drainage and landscaping, and is worth $400 million.


The New Parallel Runway (NPR) site, located on part of the old Brisbane River delta, is very low lying and is characterised by extremely poor soils.

Therefore to prepare the site, 5 million square metres of earthworks need to be undertaken. Workers needed to prepare the underlying soils in a precise manner due to the massive loads that will pass over them. In particular, extensive site preparation was undertaken at the beginning of the project.

This included adding 11 million cubic metres of sand to the area. Also, workers installed 330,000 vertical wick drains into the underlying soils to depths of up to 35 metres. Then the site was left to settle for three years. The settling period allowed the weight of the sand coupled with the straw like action of the wick drains to squeeze water out of the soil.

In 2017, with the ground properly prepared, the Skyway JV team could begin the airfield paving and construction works.


For the base reinforcement of the airfield works package, the project managers included a 800kN/m geotextile in the design with very short notice. The hard-wearing HS80050 mastaTEX™ High Strength Woven was selected as a strong, cost effective solution. Jaybro supplied 20,000 square metres of HS Woven for use in the runway construction.

MastaTEX HS Woven has extremely high tensile strength at very low levels of strain. This ultimately provides an effective solution in soil reinforcement. Thanks to GEOmasta’s in-stock guarantee and fast turnaround, the Skyway JV team received their order quickly and efficiently.

Because of their flexibility and versatility, mastaTEX™ HS Woven geotextiles can be used in a variety of soil reinforcement applications, including embankments on soft foundations, retaining walls, and steepened slopes. Other applications include liner support, void bridging, and reinforcement over soft, hazardous pond closures.

For any application where long term design of earth reinforcement structures are involved, mastaTEX™ HS Woven geotextiles is the logical choice.

Once the new Brisbane runway project is completed, the airport will have the same level of capacity as Hong Kong and Singapore airports and will give Brisbane the best runway system in Australia. The project is due for completion in 2020.


  • System used: HS80050 mastaTEX™ High Strength Woven
  • Time Period: Installed December 2018
  • Customer: Skyway JV
  • Quantity: 40 rolls
  • Install Length: 20,000 square metres


Length: 100 m roll
Width: 5 m
Material: PET Woven
Tensile Strength: 880 kN/m
Strain at short term strength: 12%

Skyway JV

Brisbane Airport New Parallel Runway
Phase 2 Airfield Works

Brisbane, QLD, Australia


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