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How to Set Up a LED Billboard Trailer

VMS or Variable Message Signs are a type of LED billboard trailer that can be programmed with custom messages. Often seen along main roads or inside homemaker centres or large outdoor retail precincts, a variable message sign makes a great advertising tool for all kinds of businesses, such as big box retailers, furniture stores, electronics stores, car yards and office supply stores.

Here are some basic guidelines on how to set up a LED billboard trailer for the highest advertising impact.

Keep it simple

Think about the most succinct or ‘short and sweet’ way to convey your message. Motorists will have just seconds to process the wording of your sign, so make it as simple and easy to understand as possible.

Line of sight

An adequate reading distance is necessary: ensure your LED billboard trailer is positioned in the best spot. Note where the line of sight is likely to be for motorists and ensure your VMS is clear of any trees or obstructions. Avoid positioning the VMS on a curve where possible.

Location is everything for your LED billboard trailer

Think about how far you will need to place your VMS in front of where an action needs to be taken. For example, if you are advertising a new car sale where a motorist would need to turn left at an upcoming intersection to enter your car yard, ensure your sign is far enough back to give people time to change lanes and turn safely. Local council and road authority guidelines may also be useful here.

Follow the sun

Take note of where the sun falls: this is critical if you’re using a solar powered VMS trailer, as you’ll need to optimise the available sunlight to charge your unit. VMS trailers with solar panels enable 360 degree rotation to position the solar panels in the optimum position.

However, it’s also important to avoid causing a hazard by positioning your sign where it can reflect a lot of glare to motorists. Your sign should be turned around 5 degrees away from the perpendicular to the edge of the road, rather than directly facing the oncoming traffic.

Lock down your LED billboard trailer

The LED billboard trailer should be anchored down to prevent it from moving in strong winds or from being stolen. Most VMS trailers have a locking or anchoring device such as disc brakes, wheel locks, and safety chains. And, when not in use, your portable VMS should be removed as soon as possible.

Help & advice on LED billboards
and variable message signs

Often local councils will have specific requirements and recommendations for using variable message signs, in addition to the Australian governing road authority, Austroads.

Whilst you’re reading up on how to set up a variable message sign it’s best to check you’re not infringing on any road, traffic or council guidelines.

Some of these guidelines are obvious, such as rules against placing your trailer across footpaths or bike lanes. Others you may not have thought about such as an Austroads recommendation to turn the sign 5 degrees away from the perpendicular edge of the road, to reduce glare.

For more advice on how to set up a LED billboard trailer, call our friendly electronic traffic products team on 1300 885 364.

Rob Rossit
Category Sales Manager – Electronic Traffic

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