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VMS Trailer Software: How to Program a VMS Board

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Variable message signs or VMS are used across a wide range of applications. From traffic control and road works, to events and sales, a VMS is a unique messaging system that gives you full control over where, when and how your messages are shown.

Jaybro uses a simple web based system to program a VMS – and it’s easy to use, even if you don’t consider yourself to be computer-savvy. It is accessible via your PC’s internet browser or through your smart phone or tablet.

A single login enables you to digitally manage many VMS trailers at once, ensuring your signage in the field is displaying exactly what you want it to.

How does it work?

The software used to program a VMS board is user friendly and easy to understand. A graphic interface is accessed via a simple logon screen, and once in the program you can customise, manage, locate and remotely change one or more VMS’s.

This makes it easy to manage your signage remotely, so you can ensure the text and images displayed are always relevant for the current roadwork or traffic situation.

Any changes you make to the message itself, as well as timing intervals, brightness and many other settings are all shown visually on your online dashboard, so you can have confidence that what you have programmed will be replicated exactly in the field.

When you have edited your message and settings, and you’re happy with how the variable message sign is set up, simply click the Upload button to send all the data directly to your VMS.

See all your VMS trailers at a glance

The simple interface allows you to test out any combination of text, colours, font sizes and symbols, before you upload your final message to your VMS for display.

And if you have more than one VMS in service, it is easy to locate and distinguish between each unit, as each has its own unique ID number and is programmed separately to avoid confusion. A Google maps tab ensures that each asset can be pinpointed on the ground, so you know where your VMS trailers are at all times.

Full control over colours, sizes, images and more

The VMS software offers you complete customization of your message – even allowing for freehand drawing of custom shapes! With dozens of pre-programmed symbols including speed discs, a variety of arrows, workmen symbols and many more, it is easy to create a message that is perfect for your individual location. Many of the pre-programmed symbols include standard Australian messages and colours to save you time in programming generic messages such as ‘End Roadwork’.

If you need to add street names, suburbs or other custom wording, simply type your text in the empty box, then and highlight words or individual letters to change their colour if necessary. You can set the whole screen to flash on/off, or just one word.

For short messages where you want to maximize the available text area, you can increase the letter size to take up much of the screen. Longer messages can be programmed using additional ‘slides’, enabling the VMS to flick between two or more screens.

Program timing intervals, multi-screen messages and more

If your sign does not need to be displaying 24/7, can you set up specific timing windows.

For example, if you are using your VMS to advertise a sale, and you wanted to program your sign to show only during your opening hours, this is achievable by setting timing intervals in the software. Programming your VMS to display your message only between the hours of 9 – 5pm is easy to do on the Scheduling tab.

Enter dates, times, days of the week, and even program a different message to show at the conclusion of your sale or event. All types of time and date customization is possible in the VMS software.

Find out more about how to program a VMS

To find out more about our range of VMS Trailers and how easy they are to program, get in touch with our electronic signage expert, Rob Rossit, for further information.

Rob Rossit  |  Category Sales Manager – Electronic Traffic

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