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The hidden costs of hire: Is it really cheaper to rent a fence?

At first glance, it can seem cheaper to rent a fence for your construction site. Why would you want to buy a fence, right? You only need it for 6 months. It would be ‘easier’ to just rent a fence… or would it?

It can be tempting to simply hire temporary fence panels for long term projects, however, make sure you are fully aware of what’s involved.

Temporary fencing hire revealed


Damaged or stolen panels? Prepare to pay for them

When you rent a fence, many temporary fence hire companies will charge for broken, lost, stolen or damaged panels – even if the damage isn’t your fault.

Missing couplings and feet and other types of accessories can also incur replacement charges. Think about how likely it is that small items like clamps or braces can get misplaced on site!

Do your research and see if you’re going to need to put your hand in your pocket for items that are highly likely to be misplaced or damaged on site.


Set hire periods – whether you like it or not

If your job finishes up early, often the temporary fence hire company will have a policy that holds you to the initial agreed hire period. Even if you’ve worked hard and finished in front of the time frame for your job, you’ve still got to pay dead money for hiring a fence you don’t need!


Why pay for labour when you can easily DIY?

If you’re using a wet hire agreement to rent a fence, you’re paying for an install team to visit your site, install some panels and leave. But did you know it’s fast and easy to install temporary fencing? Take a look at this video that shows 100 metres of Fortress fence panels being installed in just 27 minutes!

So grab a friend and save yourself some money by installing your temporary fencing yourself.

The better choice?
Buy temporary fencing!

Don’t hire temporary fencing for every different job or project. Save yourself the hassle of organising hire, scheduling off-hire (return), keeping track of panels that you know you have to return in good condition, admin and ongoing invoices, paying for install or repositioning, damage and theft charges… the list goes on!

The best solution for medium and long term projects – buy, don’t hire, a temp fence!

Why choose Fortress Fencing?

Designed to be easy to set up and take down, the Fortress temp fence panels are ideal for all types of contractors including construction, demo, infrastructure and maintenance specialists.

Our panels are tough enough for repeated use on building and construction sites. The Standards approved panels are made from long rectangular anti-climb wire mesh, meaning thieves and vandals can’t get a foot hold to climb your fence.

  • One price. No surprises!

  • Easy for anyone to install

  • Safe, secure and Standards approved

  • Always in stock, always shipped to your site FAST

  • Delivery Australia wide

  • Tough enough to be used again, and again, and again…


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