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Goods Cages for Construction Sites

Goods storage cages are tough load-tested metal mesh cages, designed to enclose palletised goods. They are designed for easy handling by forklift or crane and neatly fit a standard 1200mm square pallet inside them.

A goods storage cage is an ideal way to transport loose items on site, especially when shifting loads up and down a multi-level construction. With their strong lifting lugs, these cages can be fixed to cranes to lift building materials to the upper decks of a building in a safe manner.

Why use a goods storage cage?

Most building sites have a huge range of small loose items that are used every day in the construction process.

These can be consumables like sealants or backing rod; building materials like tiles; or simply items that are used in the day to day process such as extension leads and tools.

Using a cage to transport these small goods around site saves time – instead of making many small trips, a load of goods can be stacked into the cage and lifted or shifted wherever necessary.

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Safer load transport around site

When moving building materials around site, a goods storage cage helps to address safety hazards caused by small items falling from a height. These simple pallet cages enclose the items so that if pallets of goods shift or move in transit, they do not pose an impact risk to workers below.

With a hinged door, a metal mesh goods storage cage allows workers to see what is inside whilst still offering maximum protection, and also allowing easy access once the cage has been positioned where it needs to go.

These goods cages also help to remove the possibility of stacked items falling over and being damaged; this is particularly useful for delicate or easily damaged fittings or building supplies.

Save time

Using a pallet storage cage for your goods saves you time in making multiple trips up, down and around the site to move smaller items. It is faster to use a crane or forklift to haul items up to upper decks or lower them into a pit, rather than using a manual trolley or pallet jack. It also removes the safety risk of workers carrying heavy loads or pushing large awkward items around site. A goods storage cage can carry 1000kg at a time, meaning many items can be moved quickly and easily.

Protect building materials

The steel construction of a goods cage means it is able to resist crushing forces or damage from careless forklift placement. In situations where a  wood pallet may splinter and break, a steel cage will resist smaller impacts and protect the goods inside. For sensitive materials that require maximum protection, wire mesh pallet cages are an ideal choice. Plus, the wide opening gates on these goods cages mean that there is ample space to manoeuvre items out of the cage without damaging them.

Save space

Goods cages can also be used for securing goods when the site is closed, or storing items until they are needed. The cages comes with stacking feet which allows them to be stacked 3 high when empty or 2 high when fully loaded. This saves space around site and means that unevenly shaped pallets can be caged and then stacked to reduce clutter on site.

Shop for Goods Cages at Jaybro

Jaybro has a range of materials handling and site storage items available, making it easy for you to store, lift and shift everything around your construction site. Contact our friendly team for a quote or take a look at the goods storage cage specifications below.

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