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2019 Update: Jaybro no longer stocks the Gobagger sandbag filler, however, please take a look at our alternative one-person sandbag filling product, the SILTmasta Sand Bag Filler.


The GOBAGGER is a faster and easier alternative to sandbag filling than two people using a shovel

Sandbags are commonly used in civil construction for a multitude of reasons including water diversion, temporary retaining walls, erosion control and even to stabilise road signs.

Utilising sandbags for floods control and construction work can be labour intensive, filling hessian bags by shovel takes 2 people and in recent years sandbag hoppers have become an increasingly popular choice to reduce the time taken to fill bags.

Jaybro is proud to take you one step further with the introduction of the GOBAGGER to our product offering – a cost effective, faster alternative to sandbag hoppers, and one person can operate it.

Whereas old methods required two people to fill a sandbag – one person to hold the bag open, and another to shovel sand into it – The GoBagger allows one person to fill sandbags quickly and easily in one motion– up to 500% faster than the slow, tedious two person shovel method!

The GOBBAGER’S design is very simple – a scoop on the front bites into the sand, and that sand then slides down a chute at the back, into the attached bag. Constructed of low-density polyethene and weighing only 1.9kgs.

Fill Sandbags faster with the GOBAGGER

Click on the Link video to see the GOBAGGER live in action! Click Here

Jaybro Supplies both hessian sandbags and Poly sandbags, and tradition sandbag hoppers.

Contact our friendly customer service team on 1300 885 364 for more information about the GOBAGGER or our other range of sandbag hoppers, fillers or bags.

Sandbag information

  • Sandbags only need to be filled to around 2/3 full
  • Over filled bags can become heavy and difficult to carry or stack
  • Stack them like brick, overlapping
  • Store sandbags empty and in a dry location

Visit www.gobagger.com for more information


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