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Geosynthetic supply for M4 Smart Motorway Project

M4 Smart Motorway Project


Stage 2 and Stage 3 of the M4 Smart Motorway project extends between Parramatta and Penrith. It involves realignment, extension and widening of ramps, adding ramp meters and ramp control signs, plus installation of maintenance bays, vehicle detection loops and upgrades to existing communications infrastructure. This 36km stretch of the M4 is funded by the NSW government with a contract value of $207 million.

Major construction is now nearly complete with the project due for completion this year.


During the project, the contractor needed to excavate an extensive tract of land alongside the M4 for the purpose of installing sound barrier walls.

In preparing the land for sound barrier installation, a specialist geotextile was required to ensure drainage was effective and rainwater pooling or overflow did not hamper traffic flow along this extremely busy motorway. A product that would be an effective filtration layer under the fill was required, along with agg pipe to channel high volume stormwater away from the M4.


mastaTEX Nonwoven
Ag Pipe

M4 Smart Motorway

Parramatta to Penrith, NSW


The contractor approached Jaybro’s GEOmasta geosynthetics team for a specialist geofabric that would be effective for this application. The GEOmasta team supplied mastaTEX Nonwoven geofabric and ag pipe to assist with drainage operations.

mastaTEX Non Woven is a continuous filament geotextile made from highly durable virgin polyester fibres, which are resistant to all naturally occurring soil acids and alkalis. The textile is formed through needle punching in order to produce a product suitable for use in road & rail work, separation, drainage, protection and filtration works.

Plus, Jaybro’s range of ag pipe is available in slotted, unslotted and socked to RTA specifications, in various lengths and diameters.


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