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GEOmasta provides fast supply to Auckland’s Northern Corridor project

Northern Corridor Improvement Project
NZTA & NCI Alliance, March 2018


Jaybro was chosen as the preferred supplier for geosynthetic products on the $700 million Northern Corridor Improvement Project in Auckland. This extensive project will provide better transport links for the North Shore. Additionally, it will give commuters an alternative to travelling through the city.

Jaybro supplied a large volume of non-woven geotextile and composite geogrid. Jaybro supplied the necessary products at short notice, with a total value of over $140,000.


The Northern Corridor Improvement (NCI) project is being implemented by an alliance comprising headed up by the NZ Transport Agency. Fulton Hogan, HEB Construction, Opus and Jacobs are delivering parts of the Northern Corridor.

The project began in Auckland in early 2018 with workers clearing ground and constructing access tracks.

Once the top layer of ground had been scraped back, workers discovered soft soil unsuitable for pavement. Due to the soft nature of these soils, the NCI Project Alliance needed a range of geosynthetic fabrics and grids. These would reinforce the soil and make the area trafficable.


Jaybro was identified as a supply partner who could offer a high-quality range and same-day delivery to the North. Additionally, the GEOmasta team assisted the project engineers, recommending a mix of products. They required the most efficient and cost-effective solution, and Jaybro was able to deliver.

Jaybro was able to provide geotextiles, geogrids and drainage materials to multiple sites throughout the project at very short notice. The GEOmasta range supplied included mastaTEX NonWoven geotextile and mastaGRID Composite geogrid.

mastaTEX NonWoven is a continuous filament geotextile made from highly durable virgin polyester fibres. These fibres are resistant to all naturally occurring soil acids and alkalis. The non-woven geofabric is formed through needle punching in order to produce a product suitable for use in road and rail work, separation, drainage, protection and filtration works.

mastaGRID Composite was also supplied in a 40/40 configuration. This is an engineered geogrid designed for soil stabilisation, separation and reinforcement applications. mastaGRID Composite is manufactured from extruded and stretched polypropylene. It is then heat bonded to the grid to form a sound composite structure. Designed to prevent cracking, water damage and improve load capacity, mastaGRID Composite helps extend the life of pavements.

The supply of geosynthetic products continued over 3 months with a cumulative supply value of approximately $147,000.


The NZ Transport Agency’s Alliance includes Fulton Hogan, HEB, Opus and Jacobs, all of whom are engaging in the project to provide better transport links for the North Shore of Auckland. Comprised of several small projects, the project scope includes:

  • Additional traffic lanes on State Highway 1 (SH1) and extension of the northern bus lanes
  • A new northbound motorway connection linking State Highway 18 (Upper Harbour Highway) and SH1
  • Motorway resurfacing
  • Seven kilometres of new walking and cycling paths
  • Construction of Tirohanga Wh?nui walking and cycling bridge
  • A new North Harbour BMX facility and hockey stadium
  • An upgrade to Wainoni Park Pony Club

The project will provide safer walking and cycling routes to busway stations and improved journey time for the wider area.

The overall Northern Corridor project is due to be completed by 2022.


  • Systems used: mastaGRID Composite & mastaTEX NonWoven
  • Time Period: Supplied throughout 2018
  • Customer: NZTA / NCI Alliance
  • Supply value: Approx $147,000


mastaTEX NonWoven
mastaGRID Composite 

NZTA / NCI Alliance

Northern Corridor Improvement Project

Auckland, NZ

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