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Geosynthetic Drainage Solutions for Leed Engineering and Construction

Port Road Drainage Upgrade Stage 3, July 2019


Port Road in Adelaide’s western suburbs has historically been prone to flooding, affecting thousands of local homes and businesses, as well as obstructing critical access to Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

The Port Road Drainage Upgrade is a multi-stage project in partnership with SA Water and the City of Charles Sturt. It forms part of significant upgrades to the water networks in Western Adelaide, namely mitigating flood risk by replacing the aged network along Port Road and surrounds.

Existing trunk mains in the central median will be replaced with two parallel trunk mains between Cheltenham and Woodville. The project is wide-ranging and also involves the installation of a recycled water line along the same alignment as the trunk main, plus remediation after completion, including landscaping and irrigation.

Across multiple stages of this project, Jaybro has supplied contractors Leed Engineering and Construction with geosynthetics which are being installed in a subsoil drainage application.


mastaTEX Non Woven
Grade: A
250m length
6m width

Leed Engineering and Construction

Port Road Drainage Upgrade

Adelaide, SA


The project involves significant works along a busy transport corridor, with major road crossings and services involved. The Leed team are working around peak traffic flows, ensuring minimum disruption to residents and motorists. Consequently, deliveries need to be closely managed and scheduled, and supply partners must be able to deliver in tight windows.

Leed needed a geosynthetic supplier who could deliver large quantities, fast, and GEOmasta was the brand of choice, ensuring quick local delivery and consistent stock levels.


Jaybro partnered with Leed to supply geosynthetics for the Stage 2 and 3 of this project, delivering mastaTEX GF14 NonWoven geotextile to locations around the Adelaide site. This is being used as a separation layer during subsoil drainage works, which will continue into early 2020.

mastaTEX Non Woven from GEOmasta is a continuous filament geotextile, formed through needle punching in order to produce a versatile, permeable product. It is well suited for use in protection and filtration works, and in separation and drainage applications such as this project. Available in a variety of roll sizes and grades, mastaTEX is manufactured to ISO 9001 and tested to RMS / TMR Class A strength.

Additionally, tens of thousands of hessian sandbags were supplied for this project. These are being utilised as temporary soil retaining structures around the pipelines during construction works.

Stage 3 of the Port Road Upgrade project is due for completion in 2020.


  • Customer: Leed Engineering and Construction
  • Project: Port Road Drainage Upgrade Stage 3
  • Location: Adelaide SA
  • Products supplied (Stage 3): 23 rolls of GF14-6 mastaTEX Non-Woven 6m x 250m long. 12,000 sandbags.
  • Installed: July 2019 (ongoing)


Images courtesy Leed Engineering and Construction

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