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First graduates of our Leadership Development Program 

Jaybro has recently celebrated the first graduates of our Leadership Development Program.

This program kicked off in September last year, seeing 30 staff chosen from all aspects of the business embark on a specially developed short course to sharpen their leadership skills within the Jaybro framework – what we refer to as the Jaybro Way.

This approach is the glue that binds our staff together, and by developing our own comprehensive program tailored to our business, we are able to quickly and efficiently train up our team with relevant content.

The overall purpose of the program is to help build the leadership capability within the business and help our staff develop a growth mindset. It also ensures our team members are well versed in facets of business that go beyond their immediate role. Combining specific internal topics and training with key business concepts from renowned authors and business writers, the short course has so far been a hit with our staff.

Our branding expert Joey Fabiano found the business acumen section particularly informative.

“It’s helped significantly in my current role. Plus, just getting a deeper understanding of peoples personal journeys has given me a broader aspect of what people have overcome and done to get to where they are today.”


HR Advisor Rocio Gonzalez enjoyed the module on coaching.

“It’s good to delve in and get a better perspective from the individual i.e. what the issue and road blocks are, and how to effectively coach people to overcome them.”

The Jaybro Leadership Development Program included seven modules over fortnightly sessions, covering everything from business strategy and acumen, how to execute in the Jaybro Way, managing change, building teams, and above all – WOWing our customers!

With their new skills and fresh outlook, our graduates have resumed their regular roles with renewed drive and enthusiasm.

Digital Manager Gavin Jones says that he has already implemented learnings from the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People into his day to day role. It’s also been an important reminder of the value of trust within a team.

“The involvement of all participants, and getting different perspectives on each section of the program was really enjoyable. This course has served as a good reminder that a strong leader needs to trust and be trusted, and I think our team is benefitting from mutual respect and trust.”


The training program has had a knock on effect, with the first graduates really lifting the energy in their own teams and spurring on a second round of learners who will begin their training later this month.

Giving our staff regular bite-sized opportunities for practical self-improvement is just one way that Jaybro strives to constantly improve, so that we can ultimately bring our customers exceptional service.

Well done to our first round of graduates!

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