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Fire Retardant Fence Mesh for Substation Construction

Marayong Zone Substation Renewal
Haslin Constructions, June 2019


Marayong Zone Substation supplies electricity to 6,500 customers in Sydney’s west. Because the substation was constructed during the early sixties, it now requires renewal in order to address safety and reliability risks and to ensure the ongoing serviceability of the substation.

Endeavour Energy contracted Haslin Constructions to undertake this project. Haslin Constructions chose Jaybro as a supplier of choice for their fire retardant fence mesh, safety signage and other consumables such as barrier mesh and bollards for the Marayong site.


Haslin Constructions has been contracted to construct a new substation and decommission the ageing facility, based on a safety recommendation report from Endeavour Energy.

Haslin has previous experience in substation construction projects and sought a supplier that could offer a specialist fire retardant fence mesh to surround the perimeter fencing.

Working around high voltage equipment made it imperative that any spark or fire risks were minimised, and Jaybro was able to supply a quality custom printed fire retardant fence mesh for this purpose.


Jaybro supplied 50 metres of fire retardant fence mesh printed with Haslin Constructions’ logo in a large bold design. This fence mesh is constructed from PVC coated polyester and has fire resistant properties compliant with AS/NZS 1530.3:1999. Ultimately this results in a product that is less likely to catch alight and cause a large blaze on site.

Designed to comply with Australian flammability testing procedures, fire resistant fence mesh is ideal for surrounding building sites where fire resistant properties are crucial.

Plus, Jaybro specialises in custom printed mesh, so not only is the product fire resistant but it looks great as well. This open weave mesh provides privacy, advertises your brand, and also complies with fire retardant guidelines.

In addition to supplying the fire retardant mesh, Jaybro supplied Haslin with other items including custom printed site safety signs.

Our in-house sign printing facility makes it easy to customise signs for any site. For this project, we printed Haslin Constructions’ logo on our flexible polypropylene corporate multi-sign, which features standard messages such as ‘authorised personnel only’ and ‘all visitors report to site office’. With space to add your company name and contact details, this sign becomes a great all-in-one solution for the perimeter of any construction site.


There are a number of aspects of the design of Marayong Zone Substation which are typical of substations of this era, however, these designs are now undesirable from a safety perspective.

An Endeavour Energy report recommended a new substation with indoor 33kV and 11kV switchboards and three 25MVA low noise power transformers be constructed on the site adjacent to the existing building. Once the new substation is complete and commissioned, the existing substation will be retired and removed from the site.

The project is estimated to cost $18 million, with a target timeframe for the retirement of the existing substation of 2021.


  • System used: Fire Retardant Fence Mesh
  • Time Period: June 2019
  • Customer: Haslin Constructions
  • Quantity: 50 metres


Length: 50m
Height: 1800mm
Fire Retardant Material
PVC Nylon blend
50% blockout

Haslin Constructions

Marayong Zone Substation Renewal

Marayong NSW, Australia


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