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EROmasta™ Jute Mat protects young trees along Schofields Road

Schofields Road Stage 2
OHL York, 2017


The Schofields Road Stage 2 Project involves the upgrading and extension of approximately 3.6 km of Schofields Road in Western Sydney. Workers will construct new bridges and widen the road, including landscaping the new verge of this busy semi-rural road. Protection of the newly planted trees was achieved with EROmasta™ Jute Mat.


Our customer OHL York was in charge of delivering this project. The project managers required an environmentally friendly erosion and evaporation control measure to protect the newly planted verge.


OHL York JV selected EROmasta™ Jute Mat as the preferred erosion control measure. Jute Mat is quick and easy to install, cost-effective, and Jaybro could guarantee large stocks and fast delivery at all times.

EROmasta™ Jute Mat is an organic product which assists in weed and erosion control. It is an eco-friendly way of protecting young trees and shrubs by retarding the growth of competing weeds. It also reduces the need to use harsh herbicides.

Due to the 3 dimensional structure of the fabric, EROmasta™ Jute Mat allows both air and water to pass through. This creates a moist and breathable environment conducive to plant growth.

In addition to weed control, EROmasta™ Jute Mat is perfect for erosion control, coastal areas and slope protection.


The Schofields Road Stage 2 Project involves the upgrading and extension of approximately 3.6 km of Schofields Road, between Tallawong & Veron Roads in Western Sydney.

The existing 2 lane road is to be widened to a 4 lane divided carriageway. A wide median will allow for future widening to 6 lanes into the existing median.

Bridge works include construction under the existing railway bridge superstructure adjacent to Schofields Railway Station. Additionally, workers will construct twin 40-metre long pre-stressed concrete plank bridges over First Ponds Creek. There will also be twin 55m long pre-stressed concrete plank bridges over Unnamed Creek and a 54m long pre-stressed concrete super-T girder bridge over Schofields Road at Bridge Street.

The works are situated in the outer suburb of Schofields, a semi-rural area situated approximately 40km northwest of Sydney’s central business district.

A key component of the project involves the implementation of detailed and complex traffic management strategies on a route that caters for approximately 12,000 vehicles on the road per day.

This project was completed in 2017.


  • System used: EROmasta™ Jute Mat
  • Time Period: Installed 2017
  • Customer: OHL York
  • Value: $36,000 of JM450 Jute Mat


Length: 25m
Width: 1830mm
Material: Tight weave jute
Weight: 450gsm / 755gsm

OHL York

Schofields Road Stage 2

Schofields NSW, Australia


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