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Employee Feedback

Officevibe provides a simple way to measure employee satisfaction and give us actionable tips to help make our workplace more enjoyable. Officevibe is totally anonymous so everyone in the team feels confident to share what they really think.

When asked what motivated the staff to come to work (aside from money), the staff responded with these comments.

Good fast paced atmosphere.
Simple systems and processes, realistic targets, good managers.
The culture and challenges from superiors.
All challenges especially meeting and surpassing quarterly revised targets.
Always more than enough to do, never bored.
Clarity of expectations, work environment, benefits.
The flexibility and appreciation for the contribution done.
Challenge, benefits, work environment.
Expectations are clear. Matches my way of working – do things fast and get results.
People are very friendly and everyone is very respectful.
Challenging and very rewarding!
A chance to do a bit of every thing.

What is one thing that Jaybro is doing well when it comes to the values and the mission of the company?

We have a weekly meeting to discuss progress and bring forward new ideas for the future. Values are very clearly defined followed closely as being essential to moving forward in business.

What’s the #1 thing that makes you want to recommend Jaybro?

Good atmosphere, fast pace and supportive.
They are very flexible when it comes to anything to do with employee needs. Whether it’s start and finish times, lunch times, or holidays they take into account our lifestyles and work with what works best for them.
Great culture.

What satisfies you the most about what Jaybro is offering (challenge, clarity of expectations, resources, work environment, benefits, ...)?

Challenges, training and then the recognition and feedback when things are going well.
Ownership is key within my position. Obtaining results which create excitement. Sales is based around results and benefits are key to the hard work.

What are some things that Jaybro does well to let you grow professionally?

Company focus is always changing, keeping things fresh and exciting

What’s one thing about Jaybro that helps you be happy(at work or home)?

I enjoy the industry and the duties I perform.
Nice people to work with.
My role is challenging and interesting and it makes for a great job and place to work.

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