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Barriers make life safer for residents during major road upgrade

The Northern Road Upgrade – Stage 3
Lend Lease, November 2018


Lend Lease has been contracted to deliver The Northern Road upgrade in Sydney’s West, substantially improving this heavily trafficked arterial route. The 2.5 year project included substantial lengths of road widening, and workers needed to erect temporary barriers along the residential strip. These would separate homeowners from the construction zone and demarcate temporary residents parking. Lend Lease opted to use over 700 Fortress Fencing crowd control barriers for this purpose.



The Northern Road is subject to heavy and near-constant traffic, as well as being a residential area lined with homes.

Homeowners and business owners along the Northern Road were subject to substantial disruption during the works. The project managers needed a temporary fencing solution to separate the footpath and verge areas from the adjacent roadworks. Barrier fencing was also needed to designate the resident’s allotted parking area whilst access to their driveways was restricted.



Jaybro supplied 718 Fortress Fencing crowd control barriers totalling 1.6 kilometres of fencing. Crowd control barriers are quickly and easily erected to form a continuous barrier between pedestrian traffic and possible danger. They are also routinely used to at public events and festivals to protect employees, patrons and the general public.

Each barrier measures 2.3 metres long x 1.1 metres high and is constructed from galvanised steel. Featuring double interlocking hinge points, the crowd control barrier provides excellent stability. The interlocking hinge system makes installation quick and easy, and panels are designed with removable feet that can be taken off during stacking and storing.

Low intrusion feet also reduce the chance of pedestrian trips & falls, and they come with pre-drilled holes for bolt-down applications. Jaybro’s crowd control pedestrian barrier is fully welded, hard wearing, lightweight and easy to install.



The Australian and NSW governments are upgrading The Northern Road as part of the Western Sydney Infrastructure Plan, a $3.6 billion road investment program. It will support integrated transport in the region and capitalise on the economic benefits from developing the Western Sydney Airport at Badgerys Creek. It would also improve safety, increase road capacity and reduce congestion and travel times in the future.

Currently, The Northern Road is a two-lane undivided road, carrying about 16,000 vehicles per day. By upgrading a 35-kilometre section of The Northern Road between Narellan and South Penrith, Lend Lease will future-proof the important north-south route. Additionally, this will form part of the vital infrastructure for the forthcoming Western Sydney airport.

The project is comprised of six sections along the Northern Road, with a total value of $1.6 billion. This case study looks in detail at the Stage 3 Glenmore Parkway to Jamison Road section. Amongst the plans for this segment are a dedicated bus lane, bridge widening and additional lanes, largely following the footprint of the existing road.

Work includes installing utilities at locations along The Northern Road and Bringelly Road, South Penrith. Additional work taking place on the M4 Motorway and The Northern Road includes installing and adjusting barriers and signage, building bridge structures, building temporary access ramps and line marking.

Construction began in mid-2017 with an expected completion date of 2020.


  • System used: Crowd Control Barriers
  • Time Period: Installed November 2018
  • Customer: Lend Lease
  • Quantity: 718 barriers
  • Install Length: 1650 linear metres


Height: 1100mm
Length: 2260mm
Width including feet: 490mm
Material: Galvanized steel, 75 microns
Weight: 16kg 

Lend Lease

The Northern Road Upgrade, Stage 3

Penrith NSW, Australia


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