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2.5km of Crowd Control Barriers for M4 East

WestConnex M4 East
CPB Samsung John Holland JV, August 2016 – May 2018


A joint venture comprising CPB, Samsung and John Holland are constructing the Westconnex M4 East tunnels. Jaybro supplied the joint venture team with over 2 kilometres of Crowd Control Barriers over many months, between late 2016 – 2018. These were utilised at the Concord and Haberfield Interchange Sites to effectively cordon off heavy plant and equipment and provide safe walkways for pedestrians.


In 2016, surface work commenced constructing the Concord Interchange. This mainly revolved around constructing the tunnel, access ramps and portals. During construction, workers were building in close proximity to the general public and the project managers needed an effective perimeter fencing solution. A similar requirement was noted for the Haberfield interchange site.

In light of this, traffic control, detour signage and pedestrian management tools needed to be put in place to ensure the site was safe for motorists, residents and workers.

The project managers required a simple and lightweight barrier that could be easily moved as the project changed and progressed.


Jaybro supplied CPB Samsung John Holland JV with 2,518 metres of Crowd Control Barriers between August 2016 and May 2018 to the Concord Interchange Site and Haberfield Interchange Site. They were used as an effective barrier for pedestrian traffic ways, zoning off unsafe areas, barricading off excavators, bulldozers and heavy machinery and controlling car parking around the site office.

Jaybro’s lightweight Crowd Control Barriers feature double interlocking hinge points and provide excellent stability. The interlocking hinge system makes installation quick and easy, and panels are designed with removable feet that can be taken off during stacking and storing. Measuring 2.3m long, each panel is made from strong galvanized steel tube, and the barriers are designed for rapid deployment.


CPB Samsung John Holland JV is constructing the M4 East section of the WestConnex Project. The M4 tunnels will link Sydney’s west and southwest with the city, airport and port precinct in more than 30 kilometres of continuous motorway.

Valued at approximately 3.8 billion, construction includes underground tunnels spanning 5.5 kilometres from Homebush and Haberfield via Concord. The M4 tunnels will allow drivers from Western Sydney to bypass a significant section of stop-start traffic on Parramatta Road and connect directly onto the City West Link.

Once completed, WestConnex will provide a bypass of up to 52 sets of traffic lights, and connect to the future M4-M5 Link Tunnels which is set to open in 2023.

The M4 East project is due to be open to traffic in late 2019.


  • System used: Crowd Control Barriers
  • Time Period: Installed August 2016 – May 2018
  • Customer: CPB Samsung John Holland JV
  • Quantity: 1095 Crowd Control Barriers
  • Install Length: Approx. 2,518m


Material: Galvanised Steel
Length: 2300mm
Height: 1100mm
Interlocking lightweight tubular steel
Low profile removable feet

CPB Samsung John Holland JV

WestConnex M4 East

Concord NSW, Australia
Haberfield NSW, Australia


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