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3 ways to fix your site security problems

Having proper security in place on construction sites is essential, to ensure you protect your valuable assets.

Construction sites that are not secured adequately can be left open to theft, causing headaches and costly project delays while replacement components or equipment are located. Vandalism in particular can cause unnecessary drama for you and your team, with damage such as graffiti, broken windows and smashed fixtures delaying the job and costing you and your client money.

Whilst no solution is 100% foolproof, there are 3 things you can do to ensure your site is protected against damage, theft and vandalism.

Get a quality temporary fence!

Construction fencing panels from different brands and stores might look the same but if you are serious about security, you need to look for a quality product.

Investing a little more at the outset will give you peace of mind that your fence is hard to break, damage or bend. Choosing a rock bottom price will probably mean you end up with rock bottom quality. Do your research and buy construction fencing panels that are well made and built to last.

We recommend Fortress brand construction fencing panels because they are well made and tough enough to be installed and packed down repeatedly without much damage. Once you’ve used your fence multiple times on different jobs, it will pay for itself, making buying new, good quality panels a better solution than hire in the long run.

Install security cameras and warning signs

If you weigh up the value of your job and the potential cost for theft and vandalism, it might well be worth investing in security cameras. At the very least security camera notice signage can act as a good deterrent for unsavoury characters.

Taking these precautions around your site will pay dividends in the long run. And while you’re adding security signs to your construction fencing panels, you might like to add a good padlock and security chain.

Lock away small items in a heavy duty site box

Small items that can be carried away easily such as power tools, hand tools and building supplies are very tempting for some criminals. If you have to leave any tools on site, make sure they are locked away in a heavy duty storage box such as our Jaybro site box.

This lockable unit is designed for secure and rugged site storage, and comes in 1200mm long or 965mm long versions. With forklift pockets and castors, they’re designed to be easily moved around site and are ideal for storing tools, equipment or anything else that needs protection from dust and debris, and security from theft.

Get a quote on security fencing

If you need to secure your site properly and your construction fencing panels just aren’t cutting it, get in touch with Jaybro for a quote on quality Fortress temporary fencing. Plus we can supply all your other site security needs as well.


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