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Construction fence signage for Victoria’s biggest road project

North East Link Project, Early Works
CPB Contractors, May 2020


The North East Link project is the biggest road transport project in Victoria’s history. It aims to fix the missing link in Melbourne’s freeway network, slashing travel times between the M80 Ring Road and the Eastern Freeway by up to 35 minutes and taking 15,000 trucks off local roads each day.

The project encompasses around 100 above and below ground services that are earmarked for relocation, making way for the new North East Link.

During the current Early Works stage, teams of builders are moving power, water, gas, sewer and telecommunications lines so major construction can start from 2021.

At one of the sites in Yallambie, more than 18 months of extensive site investigations in and around Borlase Reserve have helped identify power, water, gas, sewer and telecommunications services that need to be moved.


Type: Open Weave
Height: 1.6m
50% Airflow
50% Blockout

CPB Contractors

North East Link Early Works

Melbourne VIC, Australia


A site compound has been set up in Borlase Reserve whilst utilities are being moved. The first step in any construction project, the compound provides a safe environment for workers and contains sheds, parking and plant & equipment.

The project managers needed to screen off the compound in order to lessen the impact on the surrounding residential area and to help control dust and debris.

Using printed construction fence signage was an ideal solution as it could help to promote the brand and visually tie in this site with the 10 other NEL construction sites in the nearby area.


Jaybro supplied custom printed wind-resistant construction fence signage to the Victorian project, with a simple design showing their logo and website.

A range of different sized banners totalling approximately 200 metres were printed by our in-house banner printing team. The range of custom-sized banners ensured that different parts of the compound were neatly screened using the mesh, with perfectly sized banners for each area.

Different sized panels and lengths are no problem for our branding team; including uneven sized panel lengths and different types of repetitions.

For this project, Jaybro supplied open weave mesh, a breathable and wind-resistant construction fence signage that allows 50% airflow. This type of mesh is ideal for open sites that can be subject to a lot of wind. The fence mesh is made from UV treated polyester and because it allows wind to pass through easily, it will not act as a sail, or tear in moderate winds.

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