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Colour printed fence fabric promises ‘more trains more often’ at Melbourne’s Metro Tunnel site

Metro Tunnel Project, Melbourne
John Holland, October 2018


Jaybro supplied colour printed fence fabric for Melbourne’s Metro Tunnel project. Melbourne’s $10.9 billion Metro Tunnel project was awarded to John Holland. This project will deliver twin nine-kilometre tunnels and five new underground stations. As a result, commuters will have new stations at Arden, Parkville, CBD North, CBD South and Domain. Ultimately the project will create a new dedicated pathway through the city for two of Melbourne’s busiest rail lines. John Holland is the Managing Contractor for the Metro Tunnel Early Works.

By the time the project ends in 2026, it will create space for more trains to run more often across Melbourne’s rail network. In essence, it will create capacity for 39,000 more passengers during each peak period, thus reducing road congestion. Additionally the metro tunnel will pave the way for future expansion of Melbourne’s public transport network.


Before beginning the main project, contractors needed to move utilities and phone services. Also, contractors needed to create two access shafts in Franklin and A’Beckett Street. These shafts would thus enable future construction of the stations.

Major site preparation works included land clearing and demolition. Additionally, monuments were temporarily moved and trees protected. John Holland needed a way to communicate to the public that the project would address the areas’s transport problems. Also, the company wanted to promote their brand, disguise any unsightly areas of construction, and prevent any motorists getting distracted by the ongoing work within the site. Colour printed fence fabric was identified as a good solution.


With this in mind, Jaybro supplied 1200m of colour printed fence fabric, also known as banner mesh or scrim. Jaybro creates colour printed fence fabric in-house, resulting in a premium product delivered fast. In addition, another 936 banners stretching over 2200 metres were supplied to further advertise the project and its goals.

To begin with, Jaybro supplies printed fence fabric wrap that is compliant with OH&S requirements. Open weave colour printed fence fabric is the best for high wind exposure, offering 50% blockout. Further to this, it is easy to handle, with quick and easy installation. Indeed, all your workers need to install mesh is cable ties!

Additionally, open weave banner mesh has a site life of up to two years. It is also easy to handle and transport, and comes with a UV treated finish.

Jaybro Banner mesh is constructed with a thin woven Nylon core coated with a liquid state polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The PVC dries to form the mesh finish. While PVC is flammable, it is a more fire resistant plastic than most general-purpose plastics. This is because it contains more than 50% chlorine. To further reduce flammability, Jaybro adds fire retardant inhibitors to the PVC composition. The inner core of Nylon represents a small volume of the actual mesh and will only be exposed if the PVC outer is burnt. It’s worth noting that Jaybro’s banner mesh has fire retardant properties but has no specified fire rating.

For this project, John Holland had branding and slogans printed in blue and white. The strong graphics conveyed the ‘more trains, more often’ slogan on colour printed fence fabric.

Jaybro has extensive experience printing on different types of banner mesh. Without a doubt, no matter how colourful your design, it will translate well on our mesh!


  • System used: Open Weave Banner Mesh
  • Time Period: Late 2018
  • Customer: John Holland
  • Quantity: 1200m Open Weave Banner Mesh



Weight: 175gsm
Partial Print
UV treated polyester mesh
50% Blockout
50% Material, 50% air breathability
Reinforced strip welded/folded edge banding
Option of Wind Slits
Roll Length: 50m
Roll Height: 1.8

John Holland

Metro Tunnel Project

Melbourne, VIC, Australia


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