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Jaybro is pleased to announce that it has recently partnered with CHAMP Private Equity (now CPE Capital) to support and accelerate its growth and expansion.

CHAMP has one of the most successful private equity track records in Australasia, with a history of principal investment dating back to 1987. CHAMP’s overarching objective is to create value in its portfolio investments by building strong, sustainable businesses that maintain the highest standards of corporate governance. It does this by identifying outstanding investment opportunities and partnering with high quality management teams to realise a company’s growth potential. In doing so CHAMP aims to drive value creation for all its stakeholders – from its investors and management teams, to employees, customers and suppliers of investee companies, as well as the communities in which they operate. CHAMP have invested in over 80 companies in their 30-year history and are currently investing their CHAMP IV fund, which currently includes investments in Jaybro, Pepperstone, StraitNZ, Dutton Group, and Containerchain.

The recent developments at Jaybro, and appointment of the four new directors, are the start of an exciting journey forward. We look forward to having you continue on this journey throughout 2018!

For further information on CHAMP Private Equity (now CPE Capital), visit www.cpecapital.com.au

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