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Open Weave Banner Mesh in Canberra promotes Healthy Waterways Project

ACT Healthy Waterways Project
Construction Control, January – July 2018


Jaybro supplied the ACT’s Healthy Waterways Project with over 4 kilometres of banner mesh in Canberra.

With a budget over $80 million, the ACT Healthy Waterways Project is a joint initiative of the Australian and ACT governments. The project aims to protect and improve long-term water quality in the ACT. Furthermore, the project aims to protect areas further downstream in the Murrumbidgee River system. The project encompasses over 25 individual sites and aims to reduce the level of nutrients, sediment and pollutants entering the local lakes and waterways. In turn this will help to ensure the continued health of the fertile Murray-Darling basin. Six priority catchment areas have been identified, including the established areas surrounding Lake Tuggeranong and Yarralumla Creek; the developing catchments of Upper & Lower Molonglo and West Belconnen; as well as the industrialised Fyshwick catchment.

The construction will involve the creation of ponds, wetlands, rain gardens as well as swales. Also part of the project are plans for creek restoration and channel reconnection.


Keeping the community engaged during construction was a key concern for the ACT’s Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate. Many areas slated for development were in close proximity to residential neighborhoods. Because of this, the project managers took great care to minimise the impact of construction on the environment. With potential disruptions such as increased noise, dust and disturbance to footpaths and verges, the team therefore needed a way to demarcate the construction zones. Furthermore, the area needed to be visually appealing. Considering the large number of sites spread across the ACT, the team were also looking for a full colour branded product. Therefore, it was noted that printed banner mesh could enhance the profile of the project within the local community. Further to this, it could ensure all the geographically separate builds could be easily identified as part of the one project.

It is also intended that the site will remain cordoned off after construction is complete, allowing for delicate wetland planting to be undertaken. This therefore contributes to the overall time frame of the project and in turn will extend the visibility and lifespan of the fencing. A high quality temporary solution was therefore required.


Our customer, Construction Control, approached Jaybro for a solution that would fit the specific needs of this project. The Jaybro team recommended our Open Weave Banner Mesh, which is a great solution for exposed coastal sites or situations where high wind is a concern.

With a substrate that responds well to high resolution printing, the team at Jaybro used 50% blockout open weave banner mesh made from UV resistant nylon. Additionally, the Healthy Waterways team were able to brand the banner mesh in Canberra with custom artwork that reflected key messages behind the project. Therefore, a utilitarian product was turned into a tool for communicating with the general public. The 50% blockout fabric of our Open Weave Banner Mesh also allows wind passage without acting as a sail, and offers a site life of up to two years. Constructed from a thinly woven nylon core coated with a liquid PVC, this mesh also has added fire retardant properties making it an ideal lightweight yet strong solution.

Jaybro has provided over 4000 metres of Open Weave Banner Mesh in Canberra to the ACT Healthy Waterways Project over six months. Construction began in 2017 and the multi-faceted project is due for completion in 2019.


  • System used: Open Weave Banner Mesh
  • Time Period: Installed Between January & July 2018
  • Customer: Construction Control
  • Print Length: 4000m
  • Install Length: 4000m


Weight: 175gsm
Partial Print
UV treated polyester mesh
50% Blockout
50% Material, 50% air breathability
Reinforced strip welded/folded edge banding
Option of Wind Slits
Roll Length: 50m
Roll Height: 1m

Construction Control

ACT Healthy Waterways Project

Canberra ACT, Australia


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