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mastaTEX™ GF54 NonWoven

On August 2016 Jaybro was awarded the supply of geosynthetics to Majura Link Road & Bridge Construction project. This project involved the Construction of a 1.3km Link Road from Majura Parkway to the IKEA access road (Meddhung Road), single span bridge over Woolshed Creek and a major drainage structure.

The new piece of infrastructure consists of an off ramp from the southbound Majura Parkway carriageway, pavement over one Super T single span bridge and one triple pre-cast arch bridge with associated reinforced earth retaining walls, eventually joining to the recently constructed Meddhung road.

It includes approximately 60,000m2 of imported fill including an 800mm deep bridging layer across the wet Majura Park area.

Class E geotextile was specified for use under the fill material through the wet area, as recent rains had worsened site conditions and made lesser grades inadequate. mastaTEX™ GF54 NonWoven was selected due to the quality, service and cost savings Jaybro Geosynthetics offered.

nonwoven geo fabric


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