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DB80 Concrete Barriers

Penrith Panthers Multi Level Car Park KANE Constructions, October 2017


In September 2017, KANE Constructions was contracted to design and construct a 4 storey, 524 space car park, with a bridge linking to the existing building at Penrith World of Entertainment. The new multi level car park was valued at $16 million dollars.

As part of this project the works included demolition of the existing structure and car park, construction comprising 4 concrete decks, installation of two lifts, a perforated metal facade and surrounding civil works including roads and access ways to the new car park and existing roads. This multi level car park is situated behind the iFly facility and in front of the Aqua Golf facility.

During this project Jaybro supplied KANE Constructions with 94 lineal metres of concrete barriers. The DB80 Concrete Crash Barrier was used as a temporary concrete crash barrier around the construction site as well as manage traffic during surrounding road works. They are approved on RMS Roads for speeds up to 100km/h with minimal deflection if someone was to lose control of their vehicle or try to deliberately ram these barriers. The barriers are also approved by VIC Roads, TMR and DPTI.

The project was completed in May 2018.


  • System used: DB80 Concrete Crash Barriers
  • Time Period: Installed September 2017
  • Customer: KANE Constructions
  • Quantity: 23 Concrete Barriers – 4 m, 1 Concrete Barrier – 2 m
  • Install Length: 94 m


2m DB80 Concrete Barrier
Weight: 1200 kg
Length: 2 m
Height: 800 mm
Width: 580 mm
Approved Speed Limit: 10 km/h

4m DB80 Concrete Barrier
Weight: 2400 kg
Length: 4 m
Height: 800 mm
Width: 580 mm
Approved Speed Limit: 100 km/h

KANE Construction

Penrith Panthers Multi Level Car Park

Penrith NSW, Australia


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