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Jaybro Buyers Guide: Bollards

Jaybro has a wide range of steel bollards for sale. These include above ground or surface mounted versions, as well as in-ground steel bollards. We also supply PVC traffic bollards that bounce back when hit, plus the polyethylene ‘T top’ bollards that are seen on construction and roadwork sites across the country.

Which Bollard Should I Choose?

With such a wide range available it can be tricky to find the right bollard for your needs.

If you need a bollard to prevent unauthorised access, increase security on your site, or protect your assets, we’ve put together this buyers guide to help you choose the right bollard.

Below you’ll find a comparison between different types of bollards, primarily the steel inground and above ground types.


In-ground Steel Bollards

Surface mounted steel bollards

T-top plastic bollards

Flexible PVC Bollards


Best for: creating an easy, portable, cheap barricade

Security: 2/10
Portability: 10/10
Ease of installation: 9/10
Economical: 9/10

T-Top Bollards or Plastic Safety Bollards

T Top bollards are made from UV resistant polyethylene and are safety orange with a reflective strip. They consist of a vertical bollard section and octagonal black rubber bases that are weighted to keep them upright in wind or when placed along roadways.

The bases for T-top bollards are available in 6 kg or 8 kg versions and have a simple centre hole that the vertical piece sits in.

Usually, one base is sufficient but if you’re using these bollards in windy or high traffic areas, you can purchase additional bases that will provide extra security. Jaybro’s T-top bollards are the perfect traffic control bollard for civil roadworks and construction projects.

Removing the weighted base makes installing and uninstalling simple, so you can take your bollards apart, move and transport them, and store them neatly.

Whilst T Top bollards are great for demarcating no-go areas, they can be easily picked up and moved so do not really provide any real security for sites or assets. Plastic bollards are a great deterrent, however.

So, if you just need to encourage pedestrians to take a different path or guide motorists in a different direction, plastic bollards are a great economical option.

They are also ideal for flagging areas that are off limits but not valuable or dangerous. With the addition of a plastic chain, hazard tape or safety flagging strung between a series of bollards, they provide good temporary visual warning and assist people to avoid a particular area.


Best for: securing areas that occasionally need vehicle access

Security: 7/10
Portability: 5/10
Ease of installation: 6/10
Economical: 8/10

Removable Inground bollards

Removable in-ground bollards are designed for strength and versatility. Made from steel, these bollards can be core drilled for installation into concrete pavements.

Alternatively, they can be installed during concrete pour by using the new concrete sleeve. These bollards work by preventing access for the majority of the time, but also being removable when access is required.

Having the option of removing your in-ground bollard is particularly useful for situations such as alternating access to warehouse roller doors, storage facilities and other commercial properties.

Removable bollards can be useful for maintenance crews needing to access minor roads, utilities workers accessing assets such as water tanks, and council workers moving large equipment into parks and playgrounds.

A highly visible, safety yellow powder coat finish with red reflective strip means they are easily identifiable to vehicles and trucks.

These bollards measure 90 mm diameter and 1380 mm high overall. To install the bollard, a cup-like sleeve is cemented into the ground. The main post is then inserted into the sleeve and locked in place using a ring on the side of the post near the ground, which can be fitted with a padlock.

Approximately 25% of the bollard is held in place underground providing excellent strength and anchoring.

These bollards are a great mid-range option that offer good security whilst also being able to be moved when necessary.


Best for: heavy duty security 

Security: 9/10
Portability: 0/10
Ease of installation: 6/10
Economical: 6/10

Fixed Inground bollards

Manufactured from heavy-wall steel tube with welded starter bar, these tough, solid asset protection bollards are available in different diameters and heights for different requirements.

Featuring highly visible yellow powdercoat and a reflective red strip, they are a highly noticeable safety measure that can be used to prevent impacts in all sorts of applications.

These heavy duty steel bollards are commonly used in front of shops, warehouses, ATMs and on-site areas where extra protection from accidental vehicle impacts is required. They can be used to delineate safe pedestrian walkways, provide protection along driveways, and help prevent ramming.

These bollards are concreted into the ground providing a very strong foundation that can protect high-value assets. Fixed steel security bollards are ideal for many applications from security to traffic control. They create a physical and visual deterrent to protect pedestrians and your property.

Because they are fixed, they are difficult to remove so should be used for situations where no vehicular access will be required in the future.

To mount or install in-ground steel bollards, dig out a hole and ensure your bollard is centered and plumb level. Then pour in your concrete mix, checking the plumb as you pack down the concrete.


Best for: strong security without core drilling

Security: 8/10
Portability: 2/10
Ease of installation: 8/10
Economical: 6/10

Surface Mount Bollards

Surface mount bollards are a similar option to inground bollards, in that they create a heavy duty control measure for your property.

Surface mounted bollards are not concreted in, rather, they are bolted to the ground. This means they can be a good choice for applications where core drilling existing pavement is not possible. This type of bollard is great for concrete areas that have already been poured.

A simple steel flange has pre-drilled M12 bolt holes enabling easy installation with heavy duty bolts. All you need is a hammer drill and a masonry bit.

Fixed bollards are ideal for use in areas where permanent protection is required, such as in front of buildings. These strong steel bollards come in a range of diameters from a compact 90 mm up to 140 mm. This gives you a choice of sizes depending on your location or site.

Surface mounted bollards help to block off assets such as shopfronts, businesses, traffic-free zones or no parking areas. They are often seen around warehouses and are great for restricting vehicle access whilst still allowing pedestrians to walk through.

They can also be useful in preventing vehicle impacts to items such as external gas bottles, storage cages, gas and electricity meters and other external features.

Constructed from 5mm thick steel, they are powder coated in bright safety yellow with a red reflective strip and provide a strong visual warning to vehicles.


Best for: traffic use or light duty protection from vehicles

Security: 4/10
Portability: 2/10
Ease of installation: 8/10
Economical: 8/10

Flexible PVC Bollards

Made from long life PVC with exceptional vertical rebound resilience, these flexible bollards are ideal for traffic delineation and car park applications. Sometimes called ‘candy bars’, they are used on roadways to separate lanes of traffic, but can also have other applications.

These hard yet flexible bollards easily fixed to pavements using predrilled bolt holes. They are available in a bright fluorescent orange / red colour with white high-intensity reflective bands.

Their rugged PVC construction makes them very durable, and they flex back into position when impacted by a vehicle. For this reason, they are not a good security measure, however, they are great for creating a buffer or warning signal to prevent motorists from impacting hard or rigid areas.

Because they are made from flexible PVC, they will not damage vehicles and also the bollards themselves do not get damaged.

These reboundable bollards are available in two heights, 450 mm or 750 mm, and are an ideal safety bollard for low-speed vehicles.

Help and advice on choosing a bollard

Jaybro is a leader in site safety and traffic management solutions – get in touch with our friendly team if you need some advice on the right bollard for your site or project.

This information is provided as an introductory guide only and does not constitute professional advice. Ensure you make your own independent enquiries before deciding if a particular product is right for you. Consult the regulations and standards applicable to your area and check with your workplace health and safety representative for further information. Jaybro does not warrant the accuracy, content, completeness or suitability of the information on this site (or any site owned by the Jaybro Group) for your individual purposes.

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