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Branded Fence Fabric for New Residental Development

Geneva Jordan Springs
Coplex, June 2019


Construction and property development firm Coplex are building a new residential development in Jordan Springs. The ‘Geneva’ will consist of 79 residential apartments over 4 levels, plus 2 basements. The Western Sydney construction site was a prime contender for branded fence fabric, and Coplex chose Jaybro’s premium mesh to promote the upmarket project.


Coplex are a specialist in constructing homes for families and were looking to advertise their new residential development. Jordan Springs is a relatively new suburb that was established in 2011 and is still going through a growth stage. The project managers at Coplex wanted to arouse interest in the new apartments, as well as advertise their corporate brand.

It was clear that print quality would be a deciding factor in selecting the right branded fence fabric, to ensure it reflected the quality of the build. Coplex came to Jaybro with a requirement for branded fence fabric that could support a highly detailed print, as well as being rugged enough to withstand the demands of day-to-day construction activities.


Jaybro’s experienced branding team assisted the project managers with a total of 830 metres of premium branded fence fabric. Our 1.6 metre high mesh was printed with different designs to promote Coplex’s brand as well as the Geneva apartment project.

Premium mesh is ideal for both civil and residential construction projects. Not only does it make the site aesthetically pleasing, it also allows the builder to manage dust and debris. By utilising existing temporary fencing around the site, Coplex turned their plain perimeter fencing into a professionally designed advertising space.

Jaybro’s branded fence fabric can be ordered in small quantities or in large runs, and is available in a premium version as shown here, or an open weave mesh, which is ideal for windy areas.

The premium fence fabric is perfect for replicating detailed images such as the photographs that Coplex used showing the interior of the apartments. Plus, it is equally good for displaying a large block printed name or logo. The project managers chose to use a combination of two designs; 400 metres of fabric printed with their logo and 430 metres that specifically advertised the Geneva apartments.


  • System used: Premium fence fabric
  • Time Period: Installed 2018 – 2019
  • Customer: Coplex
  • Install Length: 830m


Length: 50m
Height: 1.6m
80% blockout
Material: PVC Nylon blend
Mesh Type: Premium


Geneva Apartments Residential Development

Jordan Springs NSW, Australia


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