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How to stay safe when grinding

How to stay safe when grinding A razor-sharp wheel spinning at 6500 RPM is never going to be a 100% safe tool to be around. However, there’s plenty that you can do to stay safe on site when using a grinder. Large 9” angle grinders have serious power, and safety and...

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Fire Resistant Fence Mesh

Construction site fires can quickly became catastrophic incidents when shade cloth, scaffold containment netting or fence mesh catches alight. Consequently, there has recently been a crackdown on requirements for construction contractors to use flame retardant...

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Avoid EPA Fines with effective sediment control

Avoid EPA Fines with effective sediment control Stormwater drains are for rainwater only, so it’s important to manage any pollutants from your construction site with effective sediment control tools. These tips from the NSW Department of Land and Water Conservation...

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6 Essentials Builders Can’t Live Without

Buy Cheap Building Supplies Jaybro is the home of building supplies online, with a massive range covering everything from big equipment down to the small everyday essentials. Here are our top 6 bits and pieces that you’ll use day in, day out on the job. And with...

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How strong is your grout?

How strong is your grout? Understanding compressive strength and tensile strength Whether you are fixing a dynamic load such as a compressor, engine or rotary equipment, or you are simply securing a seriously heavy load, the grout you choose needs to stand up to the...

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