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When to Use Fire Resistant Sealants

When to Use Fire Resistant Sealants Constructing buildings that are resistant to fire involves a combination of the right materials and the right design. Buildings are commonly designed to contain the spread of fire by both active and passive means. This means that in...

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Troubleshooting cracking grout

Troubleshooting cracking grout The aim of most grouting applications is to spread the weight of a machine evenly and transfer its load over its baseplate on to the foundation below. With grouts regularly tasked with helping to hold up many thousands of kilograms, it’s...

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How to choose the right spill kit

How to choose the right spill kit Why do you need a spill kit? In Australia, the Workplace Health and Safety Act requires that businesses take all reasonable steps to prevent oil and chemicals spills in the workplace. However – accidents happen! Be prepared with a...

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