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How to measure Camlock fittings

Buying the incorrect part or component can cost a business valuable time and money. So, make sure you make the right choice when you purchase your Camlock fittings by knowing the correct size you need for your project. We’re going to explore how to measure a Camlock...

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What is Petrolatum tape used for?

As a well-known brand with a reputation for high-quality results, Jaybro’s Petrolatum tape is a useful bit of kit to keep in your toolbox. This versatile tape is designed to help prevent corrosion on pipelines and can help create long term solutions as well as...

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Closing Construction Sites for Christmas

Lock it up and keep it safe: Closing your construction site for the holidays The Summer holiday break is just weeks away and many civil contractors are beginning to think about getting job sites ready to close for the Christmas and New Year break. Whilst many of us...

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Controlling dust on mining and forestry roads

3 tips for controlling dust on mining, quarry and forestry roads Coming into the hotter and drier summer months, dust is again becoming a problem for contractors and site managers in the natural resources sector. Dirt roads are common across all types forestry,...

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Printed fence mesh for Diona

Printed fence mesh for Diona & Sydney Water’s revitalisation project Johnstons Creek Naturalisation Projec Diona & Sydney Water, 2020 (ongoing) PROJECT SNAPSHOT Our customer, Diona, is working on renewing the Johnstons Creek stormwater channel in Sydney. Owned...

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