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Highly visible, heavy-duty fibreglass pole with quick release stainless steel fittings, 3m long pole with a reflective triangular flag.

Safety warning flags are a critical safety accessory for vehicle operating on or around mine sites, larger construction sites or sites with inadequate or obstructed visibility.

Aimed at improving the visibility of conventional vehicles that operate in conjunction with larger plant vehicles and/or heavy machinery, but have also become common use on 4wd vehicles to improve safety.

Safety Flags provide drivers with the best possible chance of seeing an approaching vehicle and eliminating the risk of accidents when cresting sand dunes and rugged terrain.

Commonly referred to as ‘mine whips’ or ‘buggy whips’ due to the way the flagpole bends and whips around whilst the vehicle is driven; Keeping this in mind, its recommended that vehicles remain under 60kms whilst the flag is attached

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