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Playground asbestos risk managed with mastaTEX Orange

Steamroller Park Remediation, Werrington
Ross Mitchell & Associates, June 2019


After asbestos containing material was found in Werrington’s Steamroller Park, Penrith City Council needed to undertake further investigations and then remediate the area to make it safe for use.

Contractors Ross Mitchell & Associates were engaged to manage the project, which included laying 6300 square metres of mastaTEX Orange PET geotextile as a warning layer under the soil.


Environmental investigations revealed that certain areas of the site were impacted by small quantities of non-friable (bonded) asbestos. Fortunately, all of the material was situated underground and therefore did not pose an immediate risk to children and other users of the park.

Ross Mitchell & Associates are experts in asbestos removal and abatement, for both friable and non-friable asbestos. The children’s playground site itself is located on an old tip, and this area needed to be re-capped with a marker layer due to the old asbestos contamination from its previous life as a tip. Ross Mitchell & Associates sought a supplier that could provide fast delivery and efficient service, and a quality product that was fit for purpose.


Jaybro’s specialist geosynthetic team supplied 6300 square metres of mastaTEX Orange GF06 which was laid over the contaminated soil. Due to its bright orange colouring, mastaTEX Orange is most commonly used as a warning layer in areas which could be liable to future excavations.

Made from PET staple fibre, this FW Grade geotextile is ideal for segregation of contaminated soils, as well as for using a warning layer. The heavily needled fabric has excellent filtration properties, offering a 240 L/m2/s flow rate when tested to AS3706.9.

mastaTEX Orange is available in 150 metre rolls with either a 3 or 6 metre width. All GEOmasta’s mastaTEX range are manufactured to ISO9001 quality procedures and their properties are derived from in-house and independent laboratory testing.


Remediation of the asbestos issues and playground works commenced in June 2019. As part of the remediation of the site, Council has taken the opportunity to improve the amenity of the park by adding additional play areas and increasing landscaping and tree planting on the site.

Penrith City Council will be building a new children’s playground with softfall flooring and installing outdoor gym equipment to benefit the surrounding community.


  • System used: mastaTEX Orange
  • Time Period: Installed June 2019
  • Customer: Ross Mitchell & Associates
  • Quantity: 6300 square metres


Length: 150m Roll
Width: 3 or 6m
Material: PET Staple Fibre
Orange FW Grade

Ross Mitchell & Associates

Steamroller Park Asbestos Remediation 

Werrington NSW, Australia


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