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Anti-climb Fencing for Swim Centre Modernisation

Wentworthville Pool Modernisation
Avant Constructions, April 2019


Cumberland Council will invest millions of dollars over the next few years to modernise four community swim centres in Sydney’s west. The upgrades will help to improve accessibility at each pool and upgrade the amenities, kiosks and filtration systems. $1 million has been earmarked for revitalising the Wentworthville Memorial Swimming Centre, delivering long overdue upgrades including a new 25-metre pool, splash pad, filtration, heating and pump systems plus new amenities and kiosk, and landscaping. For this project, Jaybro supplied Avant Constructions with 144 metres of anti-climb fencing.


The pool has been a cornerstone of the community since 1965, and therefore certain original features would be retained including the main 50-metre pool and some established trees. Local construction firm Avant Constructions was tasked with demolition and excavation works, beginning in April 2019.

Parts of the site along with the entire 50-metre pool needed to be protected during the excavation and construction phases, ensuring safety for workers. The project managers needed a simple and lightweight temporary fencing solution that workers could rearrange on site as the build progressed.


Length: 2400mm
Height: 2100mm
33mm ø Tubes (25mm NB)
Finish: Galvanised
Material: Steel
Mesh Type: Anti-Climb

Avant Constructions

Pool Modernisation

Wentworthville NSW, Australia


Although the pool was closed to the public, trespassing and security was a factor, and the Fortress Fencing anti-climb fencing panel ticked all the boxes. The 2000 Series Anti-Climb Fencing from Fortress is lightweight, simple to install and move on site, and can be easily stored and transported when not in use.

The project managers chose 60 temporary fencing panels, 60 couplers and 60 fence feet, creating over 140 metres of perimeter fencing.

Sold in a kit or as individual components, the 2000 Series Anti-Climb Fencing is a flexible and safe fencing solution for building sites, excavations, construction projects and road works.

Whilst some anti-climb fencing panels are complicated to set up, a key advantage of the 2000 Series is that it can be installed by just one person. Each panel measures 2.1 metres high and the quick install process provides immediate security to your site. Our economy option for light duty projects, the 2000 Series Anti-climb fencing mesh is made from a 160mm x 60mm vertical mesh structure created from 3mm diameter galvanised steel. This long rectangular mesh makes it near impossible to climb, deterring theft and trespassing.

The pool modernisation project is due for completion in late 2020.


  • System used: 2000 Series Temporary Fencing
  • Time Period: Installed mid 2019
  • Customer: Avant Constructions
  • Quantity: 60 Temporary Fencing Panels, 60 Couplers, 60 Temporary Fencing Feet
  • Install Length: 144m


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